Breathing Problem and Astrology

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Many people face respiratory problems. Children who get more sneezing, difficulty in breathing they should take care. These are the initial symptoms of respiratory diseases. Breathing disorder comes in hereditary. It also occurs when season changes.

Breathing Problem and Astrology

Breathing Problem

People who are suffering from cold, cough and fever for long time they face respiratory disease. It also occurs due to pollution, cold food and alcohol. People face breathing disorders due to stress-anxiety and less patience. It also occurs due to weak Mars. People suffer from breathing disorders when Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are offended.

The symptoms of breathing disorders are repeatedly cough, voice come out while taking breath, tightness in chest, asthma, cough do not come out and anxiety. In this case, you should take medical advice and do some remedy related to Moon, Mars and Saturn.

One should take care when the season changes. Seat in Shukhasan (normal position) when you face breathing problem. Leave the body enfeebles and do meditation. Avoid taking sleep. You can eat old wheat and kulthi. Mix 1-2 teaspoon honey instead of sugar in milk. 

One should intake basil as it increases immunity power. Prepare mixture of munakka, honey, peepli, black peeper, thyme, turmeric and ginger powder (saunth) and eat it. Prepare mixture of saunth and cinnamon. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture with 1 glass of boil water.

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