Astro and Ayurvedic Upay for Healthy stomach

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Healthy stomach is very important for everyone. People can concentrate on their work when their stomach is good. Many people face problems due to weak stomach. There are four things such as birth, food, mind, daily routine. The birth is related to Moon. 

Astro and Ayurvedic Upay for Healthy stomach

Healthy stomach
Moon denotes fifth, ninth and birth conditions in horoscope. The conditions of the parents are very important in birth of the child. Their thoughts and mind decides the diseases.

Mind is responsible for weak stomach. When Moon affected by Mercury-Rahu or Saturn-Mars or Jupiter then stomach disorders occurs. Stomach remains healthy if Jupiter is strong and it makes combination with Moon. However, people like to eat bad food if their Jupiter is impaired. In this case, you should avoid such food. Chant “Om Bruhaspataye Namah”. Take wood of pomegranate and tie up in orange color thread. Wear it in your throat on Thursday.

Vengeful planets affect your stomach. Do not eat food at late night. Also, avoid drinking milk at night. Avoid having fruits which has seeds. You should eat light and little food at night. Drink water after waking up in the morning. People who are suffering from acidity, they should do Vaman. You can also chant “Om” and “Gayatri Mantra”.

Take harade and fry it in ghee/butter. Grind it and eat it. You can also keep it in spices. You can also add red elaichi in rice or food if you are suffering from stomach pain. You can avoid such food which has high amount of fat. If you have such lines on life line, then you should avoid such food. You should regularly use Amritdhara.

If there are black spots or such lines on Moon Mountain then you should include asafetida in your diet. Do not eat food at late night. Drink plenty of water during a day. If fingers are small and thick then you should take walk. Avoid doing work in hurry. If mind lines go down and it breaks then you should avoid having stale food. You should do massage with Amritdhara on your legs.

If fingers and nails become shiny or smoothness then you should start drinking plenty of water. You can include daliya or chokor flour in your diet.

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