How to Get Over Relationship Breakup- Astrology Remedy

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Relations are complicated and they are based on trust. But whenever the trust is broken then it hurts and gives pain. Many times people lose their concentration. They get depression.

How to Get Over Relationship Breakup- Astrology Remedy

Relationship Breakup
A person’s relations break up if his/her Mars and Rahu have more effect on birth chart. Jupiter and Venus are also responsible for break up in relations. You should restrict your emotions in sometime.

You should not scold the children when they get break up. You should love them during this time. Their hormones are also unbalance during this time. You should spend some time with them. You can go for a walk with them.

You can wear Billore crystal in ring or in throat. You should wear it in silver ring in index finger or ring finger. It should be necessary to have strong will power and emotions to come out from the break up.

Child’s confidence increase by wearing pitonia in middle finger or in throat. He can change his daily routine or place.

He has to offer water to the sun. He has to offer water in copper urn chanting Gayatri mantra. He has to see sunrise.

They can wear ruby or coral in middle finger. He has to wear ruby on Sunday and Coral on Tuesday.

Extra Remedy: If you want to earn money by your knowledge then you should donate green cloth to small girl on Wednesday at least once in a month.

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