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Many children get frustration and we can know from their behavior. You should check that this frustration is not from the long time. Frustration increase when Moon, Mars and Ketu are weak. Moon and Ketu gives more negative impact.

Astrology Remedy for Frustration - Astro Upay

Astrology Remedy for Frustration
You can do “Om Shram Shrim Shro Sah Chadramashye Namah”. You have to drink more water. You can drink water in silver glass. You can take cumin seed, Vach and Ashwgandha.

You can walk on grass by thinking on yourself. You can walk on grass to give strength to Jupiter. You can go in Satsang.

You can donate copper plates on Sunday. You can chant Vishnusahstranaam. You can chant Ramraksha Strot or Bajrang Baan. You can do social work.

You can wear gold ring in last finger if your Jupiter is good. Frustration will remove and enthusiasm will increase.

You can also get benefit by feeding 3 dogs. You have to spent time with fish. You have to feed them.

Extra Remedy: If you are facing problems since last 6 months then you will get benefit by donating flour for 43 days.

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