Check Government Job Chance from Palmistry - Astro upay

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Many people have tension that when they get good or government job. If mind line is downward or if such line meets life line or if you have clear Sun lines or line of Mercury is very clear then you will do job for a long time.

Check Government Job Chance from Palmistry - Astro upay

Government Job Chance from Palmistry
If Moon line meets to luck line or Sun lines are long or if such lines meets in luck line and life line then you will get good government job. You will do job for a long period of time.

You should make Sun, Moon and Mars strong. You should devote yourself towards work. You should worship Sun regularly. You can do Surya Pranam or Surya Namaskar.

Take one teaspoon mustard oil and chant “Om Khakolkay Namah” for 108 times. You have to do Tratak with Sun.

You have to keep silver stuff along with you. You can chant “Om Kram Krim Krom Saha Bhomaye Namah”. You can wear root of Anantamul in red thread.

If someone is doing conspiracy with you in the job then you can wear 7-8 ratti turquoise in silver ring on Friday morning. You have to do fast on Friday. You can chant Argala Strot 3 times.

You can worship Sun and Saturn to get promotion in the job. You can chant “Om Dhruni Suraya Namah”. You can do Adityahriday Strot. You have to do Gayatri Yagna on Sunday.

You can get benefit by keeping jaggery, black sesame and blue flower under peeple tree near temple on Saturday.

Extra Remedy: If you are facing problems getting government job then you will get rid of by pouring sugar cane juice to Shivaling.

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