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Marriage: Venus and Jupiter are prime planets for marriage. Women can wear yellow color clothes for marriage photo. Men can wear cream or white color clothes for marriage. Offer a photo copy to god on Friday before giving it for marriage.

Foreign: Venus, Shani and Rahu are prime planets for foreign. Wear white color clothes and keep blue or black background while taking photo. Put iron thing on this photo and hide it on Saturday. This avoids obstacles from foreign journey.

Wealth: Mercury is the planet of wealth and financial matters. Venus is the planet of splendor. Take one photo in green or pink clothes if you are facing problem getting wealth. Keep this photo in your bed room on north side. This avoids wealth and financial problems.

Childbirth: Husband-wife can take joint photo in yellow clothes or yellow background. Keep this photo in your bed room near your head on Thursday. The clothes in the photo should not black and do not keep any other photo near that image.

Employment: Shani is prime planet for employment. Jupiter is also responsible planet in some conditions. Take photo in light blue color clothes for job. You can also keep blue background. It is beneficial to stick this photo in form. Keep this photo on your work place before sticking on form.

Good Luck: Always keep pain along with you. You can take right decision.

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