Zodiac Sign Wise Astro Upay for Happy Marriage

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Happy Marriage
Aries: The time is weak. There might be problem in partnership and life partner. Take care of below navel problem. Take care of bile problem. Think before changing the job. Offer water to Sun daily. Chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah” or “Om Aem Hrim Klim Namash Chandikaya”.

Taurus: The time is good. The enemies will calm. Power will increase. You may suffer with some disease. They will grow with the cooperation of the people. You may do new work. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” or chant “Argala Strot”.

Gemini: Take care of stomach, back and chest problem. Take care of private relations. Take care in journeys. Work hard in study. Chant Gayatri psalm in front of Sun.

Cancer: Cancer zodiac may face some problem. They may face vehicle and heart problem. Stress will increase. Improve your relations with mother and friends. Spend your money carefully. Chant “Om Namah Shivay”. Offer water to Sun.

Leo: Leo zodiac may face problem. Take care of health. Avoid cold. Avoid cold and sour food. Take care in journeys. Improve your relations with small siblings. The luck is good. Donate wheat on Sundays.

Virgo: The time is not good for wealth. Take care of your speech. Drink water in copper glass. Mix sesame, sugar and honey in water and offer it to Sun.

Libra: Libra zodiac sign have to take special care. Take care of health and prestige. Take care of head and eyes. Take care of parents. Do not take big decision for next 15 days. Cover white color thread through veteran or idol. Keep calm and leave happily.

Scorpio: Scorpio zodiac may face problem. Donate jaggery or jaggery products.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac may get less benefit. Take care in investment. The time is good for study. The grain business may give benefit. They may get wealth through journeys. Donate five fruits.

Capricorn: Take care of prestige. Take care of relation with father. Capricorn zodiac may face problem in employment and promotion. Cover white color thread in right hand’s wrist through father. Give food to needy people.

Aquarius: Aquarius zodiac may have weak luck. Take advice in home and investment matters. Drive carefully. Chant “Argala Strot”.

Pisces: Pisces zodiac may face some problem. Take care of health. They may face sudden problem. The time will improve after 15 days. Chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah”. Donate yogurt or milk products.

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