If You Do Not Feel Like Going To Office - Do This Astro Upay

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The mind cannot get interest in work due to laziness. Laziness is not always responsible to get interest in work. The mind disturb in work due to negativity. 

The mind disturb in work due to weak main planet. The more impact of Shani and Rahu on main planet disturbs the mind from work.

On the above cases, take time off from work. Do not work on holidays. One should do pranayama. Do meditation of your favored god. 

Do anulom-vilom. One can do chandrabhedi pranayama. One can also do suryabhedi pranayama.

People can meet their old friends. People can go old places. Mind becomes weak. Therefore, the cells can respond properly. This affects our thoughts. 

In this case, take two big teaspoon Amla juice and one glass water. Mix it properly and drink it. After five minutes, drink two big teaspoon aloe vera juices with one glass water.

Keep pure camphor in handkerchief and smell it. You can smell it 5-6 times or more times during a day. One can read scripture. It rejuvenates the body and mind. 

It gives lost power and energy in the body. It also removes fear from the mind. Take black color thread and cover it in right hand’s wrist.

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