Which Planets Are Responsible For Stomach Problem?

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In horoscope, fifth, ninth and eleventh house relates with digestive system. Besides, Moon, Sun and Rahu also relates with stomach. Moon balances water and food. 
Stomach Problem

Sun helps to digest the food. Rahu operates intestinal process. Mainly Jupiter owns the digestive system.

In horoscope, constipation occurs when more amount of earth element, weak water element or aquatic zodiac is weak or Shani is strong or fifth house relates with Rahu. 

In this case, improve your daily routine. Eat aquatic food once in a week. Wear one pearl or opal. Use orange color.

Hyper acidity occurs when Moon is weak or Sun-Moon is very near or there is impact of fire zodiac on fifth house or second house is corrupt in horoscope. 

In this case, avoid stress. Do not drink too much cold or hot water. Drink water in copper glass. Wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer.

Ulcer occurs when there is impact of Mars or Ketu on fifth house or Sun relates with fire zodiac or water element is low or Jupiter is weak. In this case, do not keep stomach empty. 

Eat more vegetables and fruits instead of food. Drink water in silver glass. Do not wear topaz.

Good Luck: Such people who suffer with stomach problem they should sleep facing east side. This avoids digestion problem.

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