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Negative energy
Negative energy surrounds according to Vastu. The bad Vastu near the house also affect our home. Positive energy is lost due to the contact of negative energy. Negative energy occurs due to planets and gochar. Negative energy is harmful for body and home.

Negative energy can be avoided through yagna. Try to do at least 5 aahuti yagna. Positive energy enters in the home by doing yagna. One can do yagna on terrace, clean place, balcony and southeast side.

Red ants are symbol of negative energy in the home. In this case, put turmeric on that place. Put rock salt in gomutra and wipe out. Many times if someone praises people get sick. It is one type of negative energy.

In the case of weakness of the rays coming from the planets, different types of diseases are started. A person gets negative energy due to low immune power. Put rock salt and mustard oil in packet. Massage the body with packet. Wash your body with lukewarm water after massage. This reduces impact of negative energy.

Dry the papaya seeds and keep it in white cloth. Wear it in throat. If you do not concentrate on study then deep breathe and sit in sunlight for 10-15 minutes. Take bath with salt water then take bath with normal water. Try to excite sweat. Apply turmeric on both thumbs while sleeping.

Put rock salt on workplace. Worship your favored god. Worship before opening your office or shop. Keep clean desk if your opponent creates problem. Keep your favored god image on desk. Keep your mind happy. Apply sandalwood fragrance. Keep sandalwood in blue color thread and cover it in throat.

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