Weak Sun Can Ruin Your Prestige - Astro Upay to Make Sun Strong

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Everybody wants prestige. Nowadays, branding is requiring for earning. Fame and prestige achieved by strengthening Sun. If the Sun is weak, then there is no glory and prestige. 

lord Sun
If the Sun is weak, the body remains weak. If the Sun is weak, then liver remains weak. If Sun is weak, then one gets mouth ulcer and hair fall occurs.

If Sun is weak, then one frequently changes the job. One cannot get fame due to weak Sun. If Sun is weak then friends and aged people does not support. 

Animals do not support when Sun is weak. There would be problems in getting married when Sun is weak. If Sun is weak then birds cannot stay in the home. 

If Sun is weak then workers cannot stay in the home.

Serve blind students at birth place. Arrange drinking water at birth place. Do not do business of wood and iron. Do not take free stuff. 

If you take gifts then give gifts in return. Avoid bribery. Give 5 almonds to household workers every day. If life partner remains ill and Sun is weak then feed grams to monkey on Tuesday.

Serve birds. Serve children. When you do not get prestige and you cannot get sleep at night then take any stuff as alms from any religious place and keep it in worship place.

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