When Will the Struggle End ? - Astro Upay

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The planets in horoscope shows struggle in life. In horoscope, triangle and its owner shows struggle in life. The owner of lagan, fifth and ninth house shows struggle. Fifth house is very important. If the house and its owner condition is good then struggle reduces. A person get success in less work.

When Will the Struggle End ? - Astro Upay

Struggle End
Aries: Daily worship lord Sun. Visit religious place on Thursday.

Taurus: Worship lord Shani. Plant trees and sever them.

Gemini: Worship lord Hanuman on Saturday. Chant sundarkand on Tuesday and Saturday.

Cancer: Worship lord Hanuman. Donate yellow sweets to poor and aged people on Thursday.

Leo: Plant banana tree in home. Chant sankatmochan hanumanasthak.

Virgo: Offer panchamrut to lord Krishna. Worship lord Shani.

Libra: Chant Shani psalm. Offer basil leaf to lord Vishnu.

Scorpio: Plant banana tree beside the house. Offer belpatra to lord Shiva on every Monday.

Sagittarius: Worship lord Hanuman. Use copper utensils.

Capricorn: Wear silver ring or challa. Plant many people trees.

Aquarius: Offer panchamrut to lord Shiva. Wear tulsi necklace in throat.

Pisces: Keep fast on full moon day. Worship lord Hanuman along with lord Rama.

Good Luck: In horoscope, if Jupiter is low then avoid wearing gold.

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