Importance of Padmini Ekadashi - Astro Upay

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There are 24 Ekadashi in a year. But the number of Ekadashi increase in adhik month. There are 26 Ekadashi in this year. 

The shukla paksha Ekadashi of adhik months is known as Padmini Ekadashi. Following it gives the fruit of yagna, fast and penance. Also, one gets desire child.

Importance of Padmini Ekadashi - Astro Upay

Padmini Ekadashi
In morning, take bath and take resolution of worship. Worship lord Vishnu and Shiva during entire day. At night, worship for four times. 

Worship god with coconut on first time. Second time worship with bell, third time worship with custard apple and fourth time with orange and supari. 

On the next day of Ekadashi, worship god. Donate food and clothes to poor people.

Childbirth: Husband-wife can worship lord Krishna. Offer yellow flower and fruit to god. Chant “Om Klim Krishnaya Namah” and worship for childbirth. 

Husband-wife should eat the fruit, which is kept as dainty.

Problem: Make an arrangement of worship at night. Light ghee lamp in front of god. Then chant geeta. You can also chant the eleventh chapter of geeta. Worship to get rid of sin.

Good Luck: Worshiping Shri Rama on Thursday protects the age and health.

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