Astrology Upay to Get Money-Wealth [Horoscope Wise]

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Aries: They do not face difficulty getting in wealth and fame. However, their field is very limited. Daily, offer water to Sun for wealth and fame. Wear copper challa or kadda.

Taurus: They face very difficulty getting in wealth and fame. They get success after the half of age. Worship lord Shiva for wealth and fame. Also, use more white color.

Gemini: They face difficulty getting in wealth but they easily get fame. They are lazy for earning money. Worship goddess Devi for fame and wealth. Also, regularly use light fragrance.

Cancer: They get good wealth and fame. However, sometime they become arrogant. Regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa. Do not eat salt on Tuesday.

Leo: They face problem getting in wealth and fame. They get more success if they relocate from birthplace. Worship lord Vishnu regularly. Pour water in the root of banana.

Virgo: They have more desire to earn money rather than fame. They may not get fame but they get wealth. Chant Shani psalm regularly. Use more light blue color clothes.

Libra: They get good fame and wealth. However, they do more expenses. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday. Avoid red color.

Scorpio: They face difficulty getting in wealth and fame. Use light yellow color. Daily, offer water to Sun.

Sagittarius: They do not get wealth easily. Their fame is also limited. Sometime, they may get defamation in domestic life. Daily, visit Hanuman temple. Avoid having alcohol and non-veg.

Capricorn: Usually, they get wealth between 35 and 40 age. They face problem getting in fame due to nature. Worship Hanuman regularly. Also, donate sweet products on Tuesday.

Aquarius: They get good fame. However, they are weak in wealth. Worship lord Shiva regularly. Also, keep fast on Monday.

Pisces: They get wealth from starting. They get fame later on. Use more white color. Wear silver kadda in wrist.

Good Luck: Married women should avoid wearing. It indicates shock.

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