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In Hindu religion, fast is done to balance the body and mind. Ekadashi is very important in all the fast. It comes twice in a month. One is Shukala Ekadashi and Krishna Ekadashi. There is special importance of Ekadashi in vaishak month.

Mohini Ekadashi
This balances mind and body. This avoids serious diseases and gives fame-prestige. This Ekadashi removes delusion. Therefore, it is known as Mohini Ekadashi. It is also important to get rid of emotions and delusion. Lord Rama is worshipped on this day.

On this day, a person’s worry and delusion decreases. One gets mercy of lord. The sin decreases and mind becomes pure. A person avoids every type of accidents. A person gets good results. Lord Vishnu and his incarnation are main god for Ekadashi.

They should be worshiped on this day. Wake up in the morning and take bath. First offer, water to the Sun. Then, worship lord Rama. Offer yellow flower, panchamrut, tulsi and fruit. Do meditation of Rama and chant his psalm. Take aquatic diet on this day.

You can also eat fruits. This gives good results. Next morning, donate one time food to any poor. One should do more worship. Do not get angry and lie.

Sit in front of lord Rama image. Offer yellow flower and panchamrut. Chant Ram Raksha Strot or “Om Rama Ramaya Namah”. Then, worship to get rid of problems. Eat panchamrut as dainty.

Good Luck: If there is bad line in palm then pour water in plants through the gap between hands.

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