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Moon Planet in Palmistry
In palm, Moon mountain is found below the Mercury mountain. It touches the root of palm. This mountain gives one’s mind and financial condition. It also denotes sudden accidents. This mountain denotes person’s nature and thinking ability.

It is good if Moon mountain is emerges. They have strong mind. They have capacity to do decided work. If Moon mountain is emerges then person is imaginative. They may not get success in their plans. If Moon mountain is downward then their mind is weak. A person remains sad. They have negative thoughts.

Too many lines on Moon mountain keeps person worried. However, it also indicates creativity of person. A person has threat from water if there is cross on Moon mountain. If there is a mole on Moon mountain then person would be mentally disturb. If there is a cross or darkness then person gets mental disease. If there is a verg on it then person avoids every bad thing.

Keep fast on full moon day. Worship lord Shiva. Drink water in silver glass. Do not awake late night. Use more milk products in meal. Give more respect to your mother. Wear moonstone.

Good Luck: If you are facing stress or depression problem then you should do massage your hair with coconut oil once in a week.

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