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In astrology, Venus is considered as an idol. It is known as consultation and intelligence. Venus is responsible for men-women relations. Venus gives splendor and prosperity. You won’t get happiness in marital life without Venus. Other planet gives you facility but doesn’t give you happiness.

A person won’t be attractive if his Venus is not good. He doesn’t have good color, beauty and clothes. They do not wear clean clothes. They have facility but they don’t use it. Men won’t get happiness from women if his Venus is exalted. He doesn’t live happy marital life. They have high tendency of sexual desire and show off.

A person would be attractive if his Venus is strong. His conduct and nature would be good even though he doesn’t have beauty. They get fame and prestige. They get success in media, film and art. They get respect from women. They live happy marital life. They get good sleep. They get happiness and facility easily.

You must have to chant Venus mantra (Om Sum Shukraye Namah) in the morning. You can use light fragrance. You have to wear clean clothes and discipline life. Eat mishri in the morning and curd in the afternoon meal. You can use white and pink color. You have to behave in proper way with women and children.

Remedy: You must have to wear white or shiny clothes on Friday. You can offer white flower to goddess Devi. It strengthens your Venus.

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