Connection Of Moon with Diseases - Astro Upay

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Our body forms with water element. This water element is controlled by Moon. One faces many problems due to disturbance in water element. Mental disorders, frigorific diseases and hormonal disorders are prime diseases. 

Connection Of Moon with Diseases - Astro Upay

Moon with Diseases
We can strengthen Moon by changing our food habits, life style and using colors.

Cold-Cough: Take silver or zinc glass. Drink water in this glass. Keep white flower in water and offer it to Moon on full moon day.

Hormones: Soak almond in water at night. Eat them in the morning. Keep fast on Monday. Eat fruits and drink water on this day. Wear square silver piece in silver chain on Monday. You should wear it in throat.

Mental Disorders: Keep fast on Ekadashi. You should eat aquatic food on this day. You can use milk and milk products in diet. Sit in front of Moon at night and chant “Om Shram Shrim Shrom Saha Chandramashaye Namah” for 108 times.

Epilepsy: Mix flowers of screnpine in bathing water. Take bath with this water. Don’t eat too much food at a time. Avoid sleeping late night and wake up early in the morning. Keep fast on every full moon day and new moon day. Chant “Om Jum Saha Mama Palay Palay” for 108 times in morning-evening.

Anger: Put flowers of screnpine water in bathing water. Avoid having spicy food. Also, avoid drinking cold drinks, tea and coffee.

Remedy: Souvenir lord Shiva before having any medicine. The medicine becomes more effective by doing this.

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