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Lord Surya
Health: Daily take bath in the morning and offer water to Sun. Mix little rolli to Sun. Then chant “Om Hram Hrim Hrom Saha Suryaya Namah” for three garlands. Do tilak with the remaining rolli. It is extremely beneficial to do on Sunday.

Heart Attack: Offer water to the Sun on Sunday. Mix red flower in water. Offer jaggery to Sun and red sandalwood garland. Chant “Om Aaditya Namah” with this garland. Cover this garland in throat after chanting psalm.

Enemies: Keep fast on Sunday. Do not intake salt. Take bath and offer water to Sun in morning. Sit in sunlight and chant Aaditya Hriday Strot. Also, worship for win over the enemies.

Fame: Offer water mixing rolli, sandalwood and flower in the morning. Offer square piece of copper to Sun. Then chant “Om Bhaskaraye Namah”. Cover throat with square piece of copper.

On Sunday, offer flower of aak to Lord Sun. Donate jaggery, wheat and copper utensils. Keep fast or eat pious food on Sunday. It is extremely beneficial to wear ruby on Sunday.

Good Luck: Offer red flower to Hanuman on Sunday to improve relations with father.

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