Astro Upay to Remove Domestic Family Problems

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Conflict affects the age. Where there are bad impacts then there would be conflict. Mangal dosh creates conflict in the home. In love relationship, mangal dosh impacts after marriage. The strong mangal dosh affects the life partner. If the girl’s mangal is weak then it impacts on boy. If the boy’s mangal is weak then it impacts on girl.

Astro Upay to Remove Domestic Family Problems

Domestic Family Problems
The bad impact of mangal on seventh and eighth house affects life partner. Mangal dosh creates more problem if one cannot do remedy on time. The impact of Rahu and Shani on mangal dosh reduces the happiness in marital life. There would be bitterness with parents or daughter in law or parents or son in law. Impatience and weak mind people think too much.

The impact of Mars-Shani and Mars-Rahu on seventh and eighth house create problem of age in children and spouse. One can avoid many problems. Mangal dosh, the impact of Mangal-Shani, Mangal-Rahu increase anger of the person. This increases losses. Do Rudrabhishek and chant Mahamrutanjay psalm to avoid mangal dosh.

It is beneficial to chant Rudrabhishek and Mahamrutanjay in morning for 15 minutes. It is also beneficial to get marry. Chant Argala strot in Sanskrit. This avoids mangal dosh. If spouse chant Argala strot then happiness increases in the home. Chanting Argala strot is also beneficial to avoid problem in marital life. This also reduces discord and increases age of children.

One cannot like spouse when there is impact of Mars-Shani and Mars-Rahu on seventh and eighth house. One can start accepting truth. Patient increases. Chant Aaditya Hriday strot to increase happiness and avoid conflicts at the laws house. Light one lamp in morning-evening on the east side of the home.

Keep havan kund between east or west and south side in the home. Light gobar’s upla, google, camphor. Also, keep little jatamashi and black sesame. It is beneficial if spouse does it together. Also, try to involve children in worship. This increases happiness and peace in the home. You can also remain silent to increase peace in the home.

Weak Sun, Moon or Main planet and impact of Shani, Mangal and Rahu on seventh and eighth house take person to suicide. Planting vat vruksh and peeple tree avoids discord of the home. One can avoid discord by donating banana and turmeric on Thursday. Keep honey with vermillion in silver cup and put it on worship place. This increases peace in the home. Doing havan of goddess Durga on shukal paksh or eighth day increase peace in the home. Chant Sundarkand on Tuesday or Saturday once in a month.

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