Connection of Saturn with Your Long Age - Astro Upay

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The Sun is life of the person and Moon is his mind. Shani keeps this life and mind together. Therefore, Shani may increase or decrease age. Shani becomes factor of start and end of one’s life and soul.

Connection of Saturn with Your Long Age - Astro Upay

If Shani relates with Sun then it becomes the factor of immediate death. The relation of Shani with Mercury and Moon causes long and mental diseases. The relation of Shani with Ketu and Mars causes accidental death. The relation of Shani with Jupiter causes death from serious illness. The relation of Shani with Rahu causes suicide.

Long Age: When Moon and Shani are strong or Jupiter is strong in center or there is no impact of any inauspicious planet on Shani then Shani gives good age. Shani also gives good age when Shani and Jupiter is high sign or a person is devotee of lord Shiva or Krishna. A person has mercy of guru.

Remedy: Daily pour water in the root of peeple tree in morning. Chant lord Shiva or Krishna’s psalm in morning. Chant lord Shani’s psalm in evening. Daily touch your parents step. Always help disabled and poor people.

Accident Yoga: Daily offer water mixing black sesame to the Sun. Light mustard oil lamp near main gate of every evening. Also, chant Dashrath Krut Shani Strot in evening. Feed birds and animals on every Saturday.

Wear one iron ring for protection. Wear it in left hand’s middle finger on Saturday evening. Do not eat vengeful on Saturday. Daily touch your parents step in morning.

Good Luck: If you cut your nails through teeth then it weakens Sun and Mercury. This reduces fame and respect.

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