Astro Upay for Anger Management

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Anger creates a human animal. Anger removes thinking abilities. Anger makes body weak increase acidity and gas. Anger creates heart disease. Anger create head and eyes problem. 

Astro Upay for Anger Management 

Anger Management
Anger imbalance the hormone level. Anger reduces trust of others. One should wake up early in the morning if he gets anger. Take deep breath during sunrise. Do not take breath through mouth. Do this 10-15 times.

Every morning do anulom-vilom for 10 minutes. Take walk in grass without wearing shoes or chappal. Daily eat one amla or Murabba of amla with empty stomach. Sugar increases anger. Then eat one apple and take your breakfast. This remedy gives good results. This slowly reduces anger. One should divert mind and focus on work. Mind remains calm when you focus on work.

Expectation increases anger. Keep your mind busy in work. One should keep faith in god. Chew the root of ashwagandh two times in a day. You can chew it for 10 minutes and drink water. This controls anger. You can drink water in silver glass. People having rich and non-veg food get more anger. Eat light food and do not eat in hurry. One can complete the food in 32 times. Orange and Mosambi reduce anger.

Take one apple and fill 40 cloves in it. Keep it in refrigerator. Take out from refrigerator after one week. Remove the clove from apple and suck and chew this clove every morning. You can do this remedy to control your anger. You can do massage in head with rosemary oil. This reduces anger. You can massage on soul with camphor oil. Do not take more responsibility if you get more anger.

One should laugh with loud. Also, live in good company. Daily do meditation. It is extremely beneficial to do mediation at 11 PM night.

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