Astro Upay for Kids Who Face Problems in Study

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Weak Sun, Mercury and Jupiter creates problem in study. The impact of Rahu or Shani on Sun, Mercury and Jupiter creates obstacle in study. Shani inspire for technical and foreign language. Those whose Shani is strong they are capable for technical education. They work very good in force, intelligence and hotel-tourism industry. However, if Shani is weak then one gets problem in formal education. One gets obstacles in study due to society or home due to weak Shani.

Many students work during a year but they don’t perform well in exam. The health and thinking on exam day is depend on results. One should be careful if they get some signs on palm. Spots on hand comes early before obstacles. One should do some remedy when they get spots. The condition of Sun on palm inspired the study. Many poor people reach to top. They get high position in every field of life.

If the line, below the ring finger becomes two then mind divert in study. You change your views between subjects. In this condition, one cannot get concentration in current subjects. You will face many problems. Sometimes, these lines cut. This increases obstruction in study.

If you get such sign, as shown on the above figure, then one gets obstacles in study due to family problems. One should change his stream. One might face financial problems. Human face health issues in study.

If you get such sign, as shown in the figure, then you should be alert. One should do struggle till the age of 22. One completed his study after struggle and hard work. One get good position through hard work. One can reach at good position after the hard work for 22 years. Many times one gets too many problem from family. This affects your thinking ability and study. However, patience and remedy help in good study.

Chant “Brum Bruhaspataye Namah”. Chant “Gram Grim Grom Saha Guruvye Namah”. This removes obstacles in study. Chant “Aem Hrim Klim Namah Chandikay”. Blessing of elders and idol removes bad yoga of study. Cover your right hand wrist with yellow color thread through idol. Donate honey once in a month. Serve gaumata. Sit in front of Sun and chant Aaditya Hriday strot in Sanskrit. This sharpen your mind. Every day sit in front of rising Sun and chant Gayatri psalm.

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