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The regular stress weakens the mind. Divine power comes through sharp mind. Healthy mind gets creative ideas. One should reduce stress. Take deep breathe in pure environment. Remove long breathe. This breathing exercise sharpens the mind. The capacity to tolerating stress increases. This improves memory power. 

Astro Upay to Improve Your Memory - Astrology Upay

Improve Your Memory
There are three reason of weak memory power. First food, second stress and third is mental disorder. The proper breathing reduces stress. Take deep breathe 10-20 times during a day. Walnut is good for memory. Daily consume one walnut with 2-3 pieces of mishri. Eat raisin with walnut if you cannot intake mishri. Soak five raisins and one walnut in water for overnight. Eat this in morning. Linseed is beneficial for memory. Eat one teaspoon linseed every morning.

Do one work at one time. Put two drops of honey in terrace or flat’s pot. Keep little jaggery on terrace of the home. Donate sugar on Monday and Friday. Keep two drops of Kevada with milk in silver glass.

Working till late night decreases memory power. Lack of sleep slowly decreases memory. Eat light food if you are working in late night. Eat saunf, mishri and fresh coconut water. Get good sleep during a day. Drink little water in little while at night. Open your legs while working at night. Apply coconut oil on sole before going on work.

Take walk on green grass in morning. One can also take walk on grass at night. Daily massage with marry oil in hair. Soaked wheat in water for overnight. In morning, filter this water and drink it. This strengthens body and mind.

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