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Many people face problems in marital life. Do not believe too much in miracles. Do not expect miracles to improve marital life. One faces problems in marital life if there is an impact of Rahu, Mars or Shani on seventh and eighth house in horoscope. In this case, one should take care.

Remove Problems of Marital Life - Astro upay

Problems of Marital Life
Do not expect too much in marital life. Human gets disappointment due to too many expectations. There are some symptoms on hand. This indicates improvement in marital life.

If there are too many cut lines on hand then one cannot get happiness in marital life. If Sun, Shani, Rahu or Mars affect the speech place in horoscope, they face problems in marital life. Take care of speech in marriage. The wrong speech decrease love in spouse. The relations makes through trust. If there are thin lines in palm then there are problems in marital life.

Do not get marry in emotions. Do not decide for marriage in haste. Do not drink milk in glass. Pour one teaspoon milk in the root of banyan tree on Tuesday. If the marriage is done then both husband and wife will do this measure.

On the above cases, one can do this remedy on Monday or Friday. Do Rudrabhishek on Monday. Take Gangajal with 1 teaspoon honey. Chant “Om Rudray Namah” for 108 times and offer it on crystal Shivaling. One easily gets marry and the obstacles of getting marry removes.

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