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In astrology, five elements are studied. Signs are distributed in four sign. Water, earth, fire and air. Air element doesn’t have sign. However, it is considered near to Aquarius sign. Water element has three signs. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This signs have nature of water and they have deep relation with Moon. These signs are considered as knowledge, imagination and generosity.

Importance of 3 Water Zodiac  Sign - Astro Upay

Water Zodiac  Sign
Moon is the owner of Cancer sign. This is very beautiful and agile sign. This sign has imagination, beauty, mercy and knowledge. Emotions are main problems of this sign. This sign doesn’t have good marital and love life. It is beneficial to wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer. Also, worship lord Shiva.

Mars is the owner of Scorpio sign. Moon is very weak in this sign. This sign have art, writing, education and politics properties. They might be very good doctor. They do not get happiness from mother. However, they get good life partner. They are very revengeful. They can wear coral or ruby by consulting an astrologer. Also, one should worship lord Shiva.

Jupiter is the owner of Pisces sign. Moon is very balance in this sign. This sign have intelligent, glamour, art and education. They are very heeler. Often they wander in early age. However, they find their right path and get progress. They want everything perfect. They should wear pearl or emerald by consulting an astrologer. Also, worship lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Good Luck: Do not waste water in the home. Money will waste in diseases.

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