Astrological Connection of Lower planets - Astro Upay

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The special amount of planets in a particular state makes them high or low. Planets give special and important results when they are high or low. When planets are low then it affects each planet in the horoscope. 

Astrological Connection of Lower planets - Astro Upay

Lower planets
Sometime, one low planet changes everything. People believe low planets give bad results but it not happens every time.

Sun is in the bottom in Libra. It gives eyes problem. It affects health and it is not good for father’s health. Moon is in the bottom in Scorpio. It disturbs the mind and hormone balance. It creates problem for mother. Mars is in the bottom in Cancer. It creates anger. It creates problem in property. It gives problem for siblings.

Mercury is in the bottom in Pisces. It creates delusion. It gives financial losses. It is not good for nanihal relations. Jupiter is in the bottom in Capricorn. It doesn’t give stability in life. It creates problem in getting married.

Venus is in the bottom in Virgo. It takes a person on wrong path. It gives defamation and one cannot feel happiness. Shani is in the bottom in Aries. It creates an accident and problem in employment. It creates nerves problem.

Sun makes doctor. It gives immense fame and prestige when one away from family. Moon gives spiritual progress. One gets benefit from journeys. One gets employment in under age. Mars makes surgeon. It is beneficial in administration. One gets benefit from women.

Mercury gives good amount of money with speech and finesse. It gives benefit in education. Jupiter creates love for god. It makes children capable. Venus gives success in film, media and glamour. Shani gives complete administration. It stops ups-downs in life.

Offer water to Sun if it is in bottom. Wear copper. Keep fast on full moon day if it Moon is in bottom. Worship lord Shiva. Use less salt if Mars is in bottom. Always help students. Do not sleep till late if Mercury is in bottom. Worship lord Vishnu. Eat iron rich food.

Avoid lying if Jupiter is in bottom. Avoid having non-veg and alcohol. Take care of your idol and parents. Take control of your character if Venus is in bottom. Worship lord Hanuman. Take care while driving if Shani is in bottom. Do yogyabhyash. Worship lord Krishna.

Good Luck: Keep Kevada in bathing water. It is very beneficial to get rid of Ketu related problem.

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