Astro Upay for Those whose Childs Live Differente Place

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Many children go outside for their study. Parents can cover their throat with piece of silver in silver chain. Keep this piece of silver and chant “Om Rudray Namah” for 43 days. This piece of silver works as shield.

Astro Upay for Those whose Child Live Different Place

Child Live Different Place
Keep badi harad powder with children. Ask the child to take one teaspoon badi harad powder with lukewarm water in every morning-evening. Give small image of favored god or kulguru to child. 

Ask the child to keep this image on small assan. Also ask him/her to bow favored god. Offer mishri to favored god.

Mother should keep rice in small silver box and give it to child. Child can touch this box to his forehead and keep it with him. Box will work as shield.

Children face problems in adjusting at new place. In this case, parents should advise children to live disciplined life. 

Also, ask the child to follow their tradition. Everyone criticize at starting however, they follows later on. 

Ask the child to take bath on time. Ask the child to meditate once a day.

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