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People keep pictures in home for beauty, memories and worship. These pictures would be colorful, normal, big or small. Special energy comes out from picture. Therefore, it directly impacts on mind. These waves give good or bad effect on mind. Picture not only impacts on mind but also impacts on nature, planet and luck.

What Type of Pictures Should Put in Home?

pictures on wall
Keep god-goddess picture in the home for worship. You can also keep your idol picture. Picture gives more benefit if it is clear. Keep this picture on worship place or work place. Keep picture straight towards eyes. Do not keep many pictures for worship. Change picture when its color become light.

Keep marriage picture to increase love in relationship. Put a personal picture of a husband-wife. Keep parents or siblings picture on north side. Keep any dad person picture on south side. It is beneficial to keep family picture in dining area.

Keep flowers or water picture in drawing room or near main gate to increase love. Keep goddess sitting Lakshmi picture at worship place to increase prosperity. Keep lotus or flower or cow picture in bed room for progeny. Keep rising sun picture at work place for good health. Keep blessing lord Shiva or lord Krishna picture at worship place to get rid of every problem.

Keep colorful and beautiful picture. Do not keep wild animal, fire and thorn picture. Keep pictures clean. Do not keep dust on pictures. Do not keep spouse pictures at worship place. Do not keep god-goddess picture in bed room. Do not keep too many pictures in the home. It increases confusion in relations.

Good Luck: Wash your leg before going bed. Do not sleep with wet legs. It increases financial losses and poverty.

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