How to Save Yourself in Hot Claimant - Astro Upay

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Do not sit immediately in park car. Start AC and open the window. After that, sit in the car. Do not leave children in the care in summer. 

How to Save Yourself in Hot Claimant - Astro Upay

Hot Claimant
Open 1 itch window when you leave children in the car. Drink plenty of water in summer. Drink water when you get headache. You will get relief.

Mind and wisdom become faint due to lack of water. Working capacity reduces due to lack of water. Energy slowly reduces. Dryness increases in stomach in summer. Therefore, constipation increases. One gets more fatigue. Agility decreases.

Skin and lips become dry. The lack of water impacts on heart and hear beat increases. It might be dangerous if the lack of water is not fulfilled. One should check child’s urine to know the shortage of water in their body.

Spit decreases and mouth odor increases. One gets joint pain. One gets high hunger in summer. However, it would be thirst. If urine color becomes yellow or blue then drink plenty of water.

One should intake khas, sattu, honey, bitter gourd, karela, onion, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, raw mango, mint, watermelon and lemonade in summer. Do not eat stale food and oily food.

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