How to Improve your Stamina - Astro Upay

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One gets fatigue due to less stamina and interest. Lazy person always find the ways to avoid work. Lazy person gets fatigue when he does work. A person gets fatigue due to weak Moon and Jupiter. Stamina decreases if Mars is weak. In this situation, at times a person cannot work.

How to Improve your Stamina - Astro Upay

improve Stamina
One gets less fatigue if oxygen is in good amount in the body. Human work hard and decreases trouble. Take breath in and out for 10 seconds. Do this for 2-3 times.

One gets fatigue due to shortage of water in the body. Water in the body should not be less than 60%. Keep water with you while working. Do not use plastic bottle. Avoid reuse of plastic bottle. Try to use copper bottle. Drink plenty of water while working in a day.

Fat, air and gas create fatigue. Human gets fatigue easily. They get laziness and pain in pindli and forearms. A person avoids work if he gets air in the body. People do not like them. They cannot get progress.

One should intake asafetida. Eat celery while sleeping. Do not drink juice and eat one or two fruits in a day. Drink plenty of water. Use badi harade powder in vegetable.

Do body massage with sesame oil once in a week. Take steam after massage and take bath with lukewarm water.

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