Astro Upay for Feet and Back Pain - Cure your Back Pain Now

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People with pain in the waist and feet should show the doctor. One should check vitamin D taste. Many types of problem occur due to deficiency of vitamin D. 

Astro Upay for Feet and Back Pain - Cure your Back Pain Now

Feet and Back Pain
People with below waist pain should not lift weight. Avoid lifting weight if you have pain below the waist or in problem. One should sit in sunlight for 20 minutes every day.

The problem of waist and foot pain is not easily healed. Mars and Sun creates this problem. It is not beneficial to sit for long time. 

Avoid study, sitting and standing for long time. Change your position in every 10-15 minutes. However, do not change position while doing meditation as you are in the vicinity of god.

People with below waist pain and heaviness should take care of gas and constipation. Avoid taking cold stuff. Do not eat yogurt, rice, ice cream and milk at night. 

It is not advisable to sit inappropriate position. It is harmful to wear high heal sandal for long time. 

Do not avoid waist pain. You can take medical advice for belt or medicine. Use celery and lukewarm water at night in waist and leg pain. 

Do massage of your children once in a week. You can do it with cow’s ghee.

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