Planets which Responsible For Beauty - Astro Upay

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Moon, Mercury and Venus are responsible for beauty. Moon is the main factor of beauty. Mercury gives long time beauty. Venus presents beauty and shape wonderfully. Any two strong planets give beauty.

Planets which Responsible For Beauty - Astro Upay

Planets for beauty
Aries: Mercury is weak and Moon is strong. They are normal beautiful. Use white sandalwood while taking bath.

Taurus: Venus and Moon are very important. They are beautiful. Intake more liquid diet.

Gemini: Mercury is very strong. They have very good personality and eyes. Eat less sugar and more saunf for beauty.

Cancer: They are very soft and beautiful. However, they become victim of obesity. Mix rose water in bathing water. Avoid having fast food.

Leo: They have normal beauty. However, they have strong personality. They impress others. Offer water to Sun regularly.

Virgo: They are beautiful. But they do not take care of their personality and beauty. You should regularly take bath. Also, use less beauty products.

Libra: They are very beautiful. They spend lot of time on their beauty. Take care of your food habits and avoid having sour food.

Scorpio: They are not too much beautiful. They are very careless about their beauty. Take care of your food habits and sleep.

Sagittarius: They have medium beauty. They have good speech and personality. Therefore, they get benefits. Avoid having spicy food and reduce anger.

Capricorn: They have good personality. They are beautiful but they face problems due to diseases. Eat yogurt in afternoon meal and use more white color.

Aquarius: They are not too beautiful. However, they have good personality and eyes. Avoid waking up late night and alcohol.

Pisces: They are lucky in personality and beauty. However, their arrogance affects their personality and beauty. Take care of your speech and nature. Also, eat mishri.

Good Luck: Check your breath after sleeping. Keep first leg which has fast breathing. Your whole day will be successful.

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