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Character is determined by belief of social and people. Venus and Moon directly relates with character. They decide the belief of character. However, Jupiter determined the actual character. Shani, Rahu, Ketu and weak Moon-Mercury creates problem in character.

Character Determines Your Planet Position As well

Character planet position
Character becomes weak when Venus is weak or it is affected by inauspicious planets or retrograde. Character becomes weak if there is relation of Rahu with Venus-Mercury. Character becomes weak if Moon is very weak. It also become weak if Mercury is in Moon sign. Character becomes weak if eighth or twelfth house is affected by inauspicious planets.

Character becomes strong when Jupiter is in lagan house. It is in high sign or in main triangle. Character becomes strong when Shani is in center or triangle or there are auspicious planets in center. Character becomes strong if auspicious planets are in sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

When Rahu relates with Sun, Moon or Jupiter then person gets defamation. One gets defamation if Moon is affected by inauspicious planets. One gets defamation if the owner of lagan is weak or Sun is weak or it is with Venus or Shani.

It is beneficial to strengthen Jupiter. Offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant Gayatri psalm after offering water. Keep fast on Ekadashi. Keep your head on south side while sleeping. Chant Hanuman Chalisa since childhood. Do not give fast food to child. Avoid giving spice, oily and non-veg food. Use less beauty products in childhood.

Good Luck: Worship god before starting any journey. It becomes pleasant and safe.

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