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Mars is the lord of emotions. Therefore, it affects every emotions of marital life. It is necessary to check mangal dosh while getting marries. In horoscope, when Mars is located in special than it creates mangal dosh. It is belief that mangali person should marry with mangali person. It is also believed that one might die in mangal dosh.

Good Effects of Mangal Dosh - Astro Upay

Mars is cruel planet. It creates serious problems in marital life. One should take care in marriage if there is mangal dosh. Mars creates mangal dosh in lagan, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house. Sometimes, it creates problems in sometime it gives benefit.

Lagan: A person won’t be beautiful. He has redness on his face. A person does bad behavior with mother and life partner. There would be problems in marital life. However, a person would be adventurous and mighty. He gets success in difficult situation. Eat jaggery in the morning to get rid of its bad effect. Use less red color.

Fourth: This mangal dosh produces less inauspicious effects. This Mars creates problem in marital life. They are very powerful and attractive. They easily attract others towards them. In these cases, worship lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Keep proper arrangement of sunlight in the home.

Seventh: This Mars creates turbulence and violence. A person does deuce. A person creates violence in marital life. This Mars is beneficial in property related matters. A person gets high position and many properties. Keep fast on Tuesday to get rid of evil effects of this Mars. Wear copper ring in ring finger on Tuesday.

Eighth: This Mars affect speech and nature. It creates loneliness in life. One might face piles and skin problem. This Mars become reason of separation or accident in marital life. This Mars gives sudden financial losses. Sometime, a person becomes good surgeon. Chant Mars psalm every morning. Offer jasmine oil and vermillion to lord Hanuman on every Tuesday.

Twelfth: This Mars fierceness desire of the happiness and luxury. They do not get satisfaction from anything. This Mars creates arrogance in marital life and relations. This Mars also creates normal negativity. A person gets good success in foreign. He gets good love and attraction. It is beneficial to keep fast on Tuesday.

Good Luck: Feed some part of your food to poor people or any beast in evening. It maintains prosperity in the home.

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