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Mars is the commander of planets. It is the owner of power, energy, self-confidence and courage. Fire is its main element and red is its main color. Copper is its metal and barley is its grain. Aries and Scorpio is its sign. Mars is very strong in Capricorn sign and very low in Cancer sign.

Check out Importance of Mars - Astro Upay

Importance of Mars
A person would be ruthless and violent. He has low self confidence and courage. A person faces problems in property and land. A person faces blood disorders. He faces debt and litigation and sometimes he might go in prison. It affects marital life and it disturbs.

Property: Take triangle orange color flag on Tuesday. Write Ram with red color ink. Offer it in to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday. It is beneficial to solve property problems.

Mangal Dosh: Keep fast on every Tuesday. Do not eat salt on this day. Offer vermillion and red clothes in Hanuman temple on Tuesday. After that, chant Sundarkand.

Litigation: Offer water to the Sun in every morning. Chant Hanuman Chalisa in front of Lord Sun. Eat pious food and sleep on low floor bed. Do this remedy for 27 days.

Imprisonment: Keep barley under any heavy stuff in dark room. Chant Hanuman Chalisa similarly to your age on Tuesday. Do this remedy for 3 Tuesdays.

Good Luck: Mental disorder and stress people should avoid wearing coral.

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