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Hair relates with Mercury and Venus. One face hair diseases due to weak Mercury. Weak Venus impact on beauty of hair. To improve hair one should have strong Mercury and Venus. 

How Hairs Are Connected with Planets - Astro Upay

Hairs Are Connected with Planets
One should have green leafy vegetables. Regularly wash your hair with yogurt and apply coconut oil or olive oil. However, avoid having sour food as it affects Venus.

Hair fall: It occurs due to weak oily gland and reduces the amount of water element. In astrology, Venus is responsible for this. We can get rid of this problem by strengthening Venus. Do not take stress. Drink plenty of water and use white color. Keep yogurt in copper bowl. Leave it for 3 days. After that, wash your hair with this yogurt.

Bald: The risk of baldness increase due to weak Sun and Mercury. Strong Jupiter also impact on hair. In this case, offer water to the Sun. Mix turmeric in water. Grind the fresh coriander and apply it on hair. Wash your hair in the morning. Do this remedy twice in a week.

Thin: Weak Venus and Moon makes hair thin. Sometimes, it becomes two faces. In this case, apply lime juice and yogurt in hair. Wash it after sun set. It makes hair thick. Do not eat sour food and drink milk.

Dandruff: It is the skin disease, which occurs due to Mercury. One faces dandruff when Mercury is weak. In this case, regularly wash your hair with vinegar. Also, use olive oil. Wear brass ring in right hand’s little finger. You can also wear light blue color clothes.

Good Luck: Never have milk and raw onion together. Otherwise, you might suffer serious skin disorders.

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