How Donation can Solve your Problems - Astro Upay

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Donation is an act by which religion can be followed properly. We can get rid of many problems through donation. Donation is very good of age and health. Donation is very important for problem in life. 

How Donation can Solve your Problems - Astro Upay

It is also beneficial to get rid of planetary pain. Different donations remove different problems. However, donation of wrong stuff creates problem. Good planets also give inauspicious results.

Plastic: Nowadays, many plastic things are used. It is good if its purchased by own. However, it is not good to give in gift. It is inauspicious for progress of home and business.

Broom: It is inauspicious to donate broom. Money cannot stay in the home. Goddess Lakshmi upset by donating broom. One gets loss in business and one cannot save money.

Steel Vessel: Avoid donating steel vessel. Happiness ends by donating steel vessel. It also affects relations.

Clothes: It is inauspicious to donate old clothes to pundit or reach person. However, it can be donated to needy people. Goddess Lakshmi upset by donating clothes. One might face financial problem.

Oil: Donating oil is auspicious for peace of Shani. However, donating used or bad oil is inauspicious. Lord Shani becomes upset. It also increases trouble in the home.

Stale Food: It is inauspicious to donate stale food. Family members might face health issues. One also faces conflicts and litigation.

Books: It is auspicious to donate books and religious books. However, avoid donating torn books. It increases obstacles in work. A person takes wrong decision.

Pointed Stuff: Happiness and peace disturbs due to donating pointed stuff. It increases stress between family members and one also faces problems in relations.

Grains: Donation of grain is good. One cannot face shortage of grains in life. It is extremely beneficial to donate raw grains.

Metal: Donate metal in special conditions. Donate it to that person who uses it. Donation of metal removes problem.

Clothes: Donation of clothes improves financial conditions. Donate same type of clothes which you wear. Never donate torn and old clothes.

Donation of sesame is beneficial in progeny. Donation of iron is beneficial in diseases. Donation of iron removes Shani related problems. Donation of gold increases age. Donation of cotton gives happiness.

Aries: Avoid donating Sun related stuff. Do not donate sweet products.

Taurus: Avoid donating Shani related stuff and iron.

Gemini: Avoid donating Venus related stuff and green stuff.

Cancer: Do not donate Moon related stuff and gold.

Leo: Do not donate Mars related stuff and ground or soil products.

Virgo: Do not donate Mercury related stuff and milk.

Libra: Do not donate Shani related stuff and black stuff.

Scorpio: Do not donate Mars related stuff and yellow stuff.

Sagittarius: Do not donate Sun related stuff and sweet products.

Capricorn: Do not donate Venus related stuff and oil.

Aquarius: Do not donate Shani related stuff and green stuff.

Pisces: Do not donate Mars related stuff and red stuff.

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