How Cooking is Related to your Fortune - Astro Upay

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How cooking related to your fortune, do check out horoscope wise astro upay for what to cook and what dishes to eat.

How Cooking is Related to your Fortune - Astro Upay

Aries: They make some dishes very nice and some very bad. They prepare tasty food only when their mind is concentrated. Your Moon will be strengthened if you try to make good food. You remain healthy.

Taurus: Taurians know the taste and cooking. They try to prepare and feed royal food. Your marital life will improve if you try to prepare and feed normal food.

Gemini: They prepare good food. But they do not like to cook. They avoid cooking. If you want to control expenses and you won’t face shortage of money then you should prepare and feed the food.

Cancer: Cancerian knows cooking, decoration and feeding. They prepare wonderful dishes for those whom have emotions. You should prepare Kheer whenever you prepare special dish.

Leo: They do not like cooking. However, they work in kitchen but they do not try for cooking. If you try to prepare good food then struggle in life will decrease. Your anger will also reduce.

Virgo: They like to eat food rather than cooking. They prepare such dishes very good and such very bad. Your health remains excellent if you concentrate on cooking. You won’t face shortage of money.

Libra: They prepare normal food. Their method of preparing and serving the food is wonderful. They should try to prepare some sweet products. They won’t get shortage of happiness and prosperity.

Scorpio: They are not skilled in preparing the food. Usually, they do not get chance to prepare the food. They should prepare food during holidays. It strengthens the mental condition. It also increases happiness in marital life.

Sagittarius: They prepare good food. They take too much time in preparing food. Therefore, they do not enjoy the food. They should try to prepare good food in less time. You will get fame and prestige.

Capricorn: Usually, they prepare food sometime. They do not like to prepare food. They should regularly prepare food. It protects you ups-downs in career. It also protects you from enemies and opponents.

Aquarius: They like to prepare and feed the food. But they prepare less food due to other work pressure. They should prepare sweet products on holidays. You won’t face difficulties in money and financial matter.

Pisces: They know preparing good food. But they prepare good food when they like to prepare it. Do not prepare bad food. It increases problem in children.

One gets fame-respect, prosperity if Sun is strong. One gets support from father. One can prepare choker chapatti to strengthen Sun. Eat more fruits. Eat jaggery and drink water after waking up in the morning. Every day do exercise. Offer water to the Sun.

Drink mixture of green cardamom and milk to strengthen Moon. You can eat Kheer. Mix Kevada in milk and drink it in silver glass. Prepare litchi, coconut and Makhana Kheer. Avoid having junk food.

One can strengthen Mars by having papaya and beet root. Drink buttermilk mixing jaggery. You can also intake gourd and tauri.

One can strengthen Mercury by having chili, Amla and green vegetables. Drink water in copper glass. One can strengthen Jupiter by having pomegranate, papaya and sugarcane. Drink milk mixing turmeric at night. You can also eat banana.

One can strengthen Venus by having sago Kheer. You can also eat paneer and chaina. One can strengthen by having urad, rajma, rice and clove. You can also drink black cardamom water.

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