Importance of Directions in Astrology - Astro Upay

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Direction relates with Sun and its light. Different direction creates different light and energy. One faces losses when you come into contact with the energy. But if we understand such direction then we can get benefits.

Importance of Directions in Astrology - Astro Upay

Directions in Astrology
East: East side is considered very auspicious and powerful. Its owner is Sun. It is beneficial to work facing east side. It gives respect, fame and knowledge. Worship, meditation and study should be done facing east side. You should eat food facing east side to get respect.

West: West side is also energetic direction. Shani is the owner of this direction. It affects relations, family and prosperity. Prayer easily accepted and works easily if you do meditation facing west side. However, struggle increases if you eat food facing west side. Also, one faces health issues if he sleeps facing west side. One might faces financial losses.

North: North side is the financial benefits side. Mercury is the owner of this side. It is beneficial to do work and business facing north side. One gets financial benefits if he worships facing north side. One get good success if eat food facing north side.

South: Usually, south side is considered as negative and bad direction. Mars is the owner of this direction. South side improves age and health. South side also gives sudden benefits and advancement. Obstacles can be removed by lighting a lamp on south side on Saturdays. 

However, never keep your legs south side while sleeping. It affects age and health. Also, if you eat food facing south side then you might face stomach and imagination problem.

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