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Many things affect happiness and luck in the home. Never do condemnation and anger in the home. Always feed food to guests. Do not keep dry trees in the home. Always clean net from the home. 

How to Avoid MISADVENTURE (दुर्भाग्यअ)- Horoscope Wise Astro Upay 

Do not let bathroom wet. Do not keep unused leather products in the home. Do not keep unused clothes in the home. One faces skin diseases, hair fall and stomach problem. Their prestige also decreases.

Aries: Never dishonor female, friends and elder sister. Do not eat too much chili.

Taurus: Never dishonor scholar and saints. Never dishonor brother.

Gemini: Never dishonor girls and plants. Don’t leave grind food and vegetables in plate.

Cancer: Never does anger and hurry. You should respect your friends. Keep your stuff and home clean. You should respect your mother and younger sister. Never waste water and milk.

Leo: Never do arrogant. Never keep unused iron stuff in the home.

Virgo: Never make fun of saints and scholars. Never hurt aunt and younger brother-sister. Take care of trees and plants. Give respect to small girls, widow and patients.

Libra: Never cheat your friends. Always keep your home clean. Never disappoint children. Never see sunset. Avoid arrogance.

Scorpio: Never make fun of colleagues and siblings. Never make fun of weak people. Never keep unused stuff. Never let water stuck in the home.

Sagittarius: Never dishonor milk and rice. Give respect to idol-saints, friends and lovers. Always keep clean books and utensils. You should serve patients.

Capricorn: Never donate green clothes. Always wear clean clothes.

Aquarius: Always eat food after cleaning your home. Do not keep sweat clothes in the home. Do not keep unused wooden stuff in the home.

Pisces: Keep your head of the bed open. Never keep stale vegetables in the home. Avoid having stale foods.

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