Astro Upay to Improve your Career Graph - Astrology & Career

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Every person’s workplace is depends on his horoscope’s planet. Different planets take people in different places. We can get more success if we strengthen the career’s main planet. Therefore, it is beneficial to wear gemstone. We can decide it based on career.

Astro Upay to Improve your Career Graph - Astrology & Career

Improve your Career Graph
Advocacy: Jupiter, Mercury and Shani are the planets of advocacy. They can get benefit by strengthening speech and advice. Yellow sapphire and emerald is the best gemstone for advocates. You will get success in career and financial benefits.

Doctor: Sun, Moon and Venus relates with medical. A person would be surgeon if there is relation of Mars. If there is relation of Mercury then person would be physician. Surgeon should wear Ruby or coral. Physician can wear emerald. In other conditions, doctor can wear pearl.

Engineer: Mercury, Shani, Mars and Rahu gives technical education. Coral is beneficial for civil engineers. Gomed is beneficial for computer engineers. In other conditions, sapphire or emerald is beneficial.

Art & Media: Venus, Moon and Mercury relates with art & media. They can wear diamond and opal. Singers and writes can wear emerald. However, you should avoid wearing red color or Aganeya gemstone.

Politics & Administration: Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter relates with politics and administration. Politician can wear yellow sapphire for good success. Ruby is beneficial for administration or high position. Wearing ruby and yellow sapphire together can create problem in politics.

Remedy: Always wash gemstone with Gangajal. After that offer it to god and then wear it.

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