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In astrology, there are negative and positive yoga. Guru Chandal yoga is the big negative yoga. Guru Chandal yoga occurs when Rahu-Jupiter comes together. It increases losses. If it is in lagan, fifth or ninth house then its negative impacts increases. If one won’t do such remedy on time then other auspicious yoga also breakdown.

Learn About Guru Chandal Yoga - Astro Upay

Guru Chandal Yoga
Guru Chandal yoga decreases person’s good quality and increase negative properties. A person’s character decreases. People face digestive, liver and other serious diseases. At times, people might get cancer. People won’t follow religion and get defamation. If this yoga happens in woman’s horoscope then she face problem in marital life.

This time Rahu comes with Jupiter in constellation. This conjunction creates Guru Chandal yoga. This yoga will impact on world. Some people get normal results while some people get bad results. People who has impaired Jupiter in their horoscope they face many problems. People having Guru Chandal yoga in their horoscope they have to be alert.

You have to give respect to your elders. You should regularly visit any religious place or temple. Chant Gayatri mantra every morning-evening with turmeric rosary. You have to chant it for 108 times. You can wear gold or brass square piece in your throat. You can plant peeple tree near park, temple or besides the road. You have to avoid having non-veg food. Keep your thoughts, food habits and conduct clean.

Remedy: Do not plant banana tree near entrance gate at your home. It increases bad luck in home.

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