Important Planets- Stars which gives Fame and Prestige

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The fourth, seventh and tenth house are related to person’s fame and prestige. It shows people’s prestige condition. Sometimes, twelfth house also shows people’s fame and prestige. Moon and Venus are considered the planets for fame.

Important Planets- Stars which gives Fame and Prestige

Fame and Prestige
In palmistry, Sun is considered as the planet of fame. However, Rahu, Ketu and weak Moon creates problem in getting fame. They might change your fame in defamation. Sometimes people get defamation due to friendship.

One should offer vermillion to lord Hanuman on every Tuesday to avoid defamation. Women should offer red flower to lord Hanuman. One can also recite Shiva Tandav Strot every morning. Wear copper Sun in red thread on your throat. You have to wear it on Sunday.

Donate rice, lentils, flour and vegetables on every new moon day. Keep your head on east side while sleeping.

You should see your palms after wake up in the morning. You have to bow your parents and elders to get fame. You have to offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant “Om Bhaskaraye Namah” for 108 times. You can do tilak with red sandalwood on your throat.

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