How to Impress Goddess Lakshmi for Business - Job

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Goddess Lakshmi is the Devi of money and property. It is believed that her birth is from sea and she married with lord Vishnu. You can get money and prosperity by worshiping her. One face poverty if goddess Lakshmi gets angry. 

How to Impress Goddess Lakshmi for Business - Job

Impress Goddess Lakshmi
In astrology, Venus is relates with Lakshmi. One not only gets money but also get fame-prestige by worshiping her. If you worship Lakshmi properly then you will definitely get money.

You should wear white or pink color clothes while worshiping Lakshmi. It is beneficial to worship during sunset or midnight. You should keep the image of Lakshmi in which she seats on pink color’s lotus and money comes from her hand. It is beneficial to offer pink flower or lotus to her. You can get immediate results if you chant hymn with crystal necklace.

Business: Keep image of Lakshmi, Ganesha and Vishnu at your workplace. Keep Vishnu’s image on right side of Lakshmi and left side Ganesha. Offer rose every day before starting your work. Light ghee’s lamp and incense stick.

Job: Keep the image of Lakshmi in which she seats on lotus at your worship place. It is more beneficial if you keep the image in which there are elephants on both side of her. Light ghee’s lamp and offer perfume in the evening. Blow shell three times once you finish your prayer.

Always maintain cleanliness in your home. Do not keep unused stuff in your home. Keep white color shell at your worship place. Give respect to the girls/women. Prepare Kheer on full moon day and offer it to Lakshmi. You should eat this dainty Kheer.

Remedy: If you worship goddess Lakshmi alone then you will get money. If you worship Lakshmi and Ganesha then you will get money and knowledge. If you worship Lakshmi and Vishnu then you will get complete prosperity.

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