Connection of God and Devotion - Astro Upay

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Devotion means to considered god as everything. A person who does this is known as devotee. There are several different types of devotion but the purpose is only to get god. In scriptures, Navadha devotion is described. 

Connection of God and Devotion - Astro Upay

Connection of God and Devotion
Shravan, Kirtan, Smaran, Padsevan, Archan, Vandan, Dashya, Sakhya and Atmanivaden are described. We can reach to god in any form. However, the way of devotion is not easy. There are several obstacles.

Many people leave the way of devotion due to obstacles. Many people think that Karmkand, chanting hymn and donation is devotion. People who get arrogance they do not make progress. It is necessary to have mercy of god to become devotee.

Devotee means any work is done for god. A person can see the mercy of god in every situation and he lives happily. Devotee never does prayer to achieve his goals. However, god changes a person’s conditions easily. One gets mercy of god when he becomes true devotee.

Every way of devotions takes you to the god. However, Kirtan is the easy and effective way to achieve the god. One can progress and clean his soul and mind with Kirtan. Many people can follow the way of god through Kirtan.

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