How to Talk Politely and Sweetly? - Astro Upay

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The second house and its owner of horoscope control the speech. The third and eighth house also relates with speech. These houses denote financial and social conditions of the person. In this way, speech, financial and social conditions relates with each other. 

How to Talk Politely and Sweetly? - Astro Upay

Talk Politely and Sweetly
Taurus sign and Mercury directly relates with speech. They give extra ordinary capability of expression. Jupiter also provides good speech to the person.

People speak harsh when there is impact of Sun or Mars in horoscope. They also speak harsh when there is conjunction of Rahu-Mercury or Rahu-Jupiter. People speak harsh when there is an impact of inauspicious planets on second house. They speak harsh when their sign has fire or water element. People speech becomes harsh when their daily routine and food habits are not good. Speech also becomes harsh when you don’t chant hymn properly.

People speak very well when Mercury is strong. A person speaks wonderful if Mercury and Jupiter are strong. If Saturn sets on speech house then people speak very well. However, sometime they speak harsh. People speak well when auspicious planets are in center. Usually, people with earth and air element speak very well.

You can chant Gayatri mantra in morning-evening to improve your speech. Eat only pious food. Keep fast on full moon day once in a month. You can wear yellow sapphire or emerald by consulting an astrologer. You can chant “Krishna-Krishna” when you speak something bad.

Remedy: Do not keep large idols in home. Conflicts increase in the home.

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