Astro Upay for Blood Pressure Problem

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Blood constantly circulates in veins which creates pressure. It is called as blood pressure. When the drift of blood is fast then people get high blood pressure. While the drift of blood is slow then people get low blood pressure. Blood pressure creates many types of diseases.

Astro Upay for Blood Pressure Problem

Blood Pressure Problem
Mars is the owner of blood and Moon is the owner of pressure. Therefore, Moon and Mars plays an important role in blood pressure. Fat accumulates in pipes due to Jupiter and it affects blood pressure. The pumping of heart affects due to Sun and it affects blood pressure. People can get rid from blood pressure by controlling their food habits and planets.

Low BP: It occurs when Moon, Sun or Venus are impaired. People whose birth date is 2 or 6 they face low blood pressure problem. Low BP occurs when there are spots or blackness on Moon Mountain. It occurs when there is leakage in or dark in the home. In this case, you should offer water to the Sun in the morning. Chant “Om Bhaskaraye Namah”. Do not wear pearl or opal. Drink mixture of salt, sugar and water at least 3-4 times in a day. You can eat juicy fruits.

High BP: It occurs when Mars is stronger or Moon is weak. High BP occurs if fire element is high in horoscope. High BP occurs when there is relation of Rahu with center places in horoscope. People whose birth date is 4, 8 or 9 they face high blood pressure problem. Use less salt and oil in your diet. Do not eat too much food at one time. Wake up before sunrise and sleep early in the night. You should include green vegetable especially pumpkin and cabbage in your diet. Wear crystal necklace in your throat. Chant Gayatri mantra in the morning-evening with concentration.

You can do Pranayama and use pulses less in your diet. Drink plenty of water. You should wear silver ring or silver chain. You can use light blue color clothes.

Remedy: If you are suffering from high BP then you should avoid having salt. However, you can use rock salt.

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