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People get enemies when Mars, Saturn or Rahu are impaired. People get enemies when main planet or the owner of sign is impaired. However, enemy won’t be able dominant you when the owner of sign is in strong position. You should control your speech when Mars, Saturn and Rahu are impaired.

Why you Criticized - Astro Upay

Cutting life line is the sign of impaired Mars, Rahu and Saturn. In this case, one faces problems due to enemies. Relatives and friends criticized if there are several lines on life line. People get criticism when there are light lines on life line. But enemies might be harmful to you when dark lines cut the life line.

If dark lines, on life line, are long and it reaches to mind line then enemies might disturb you emotionally. If cutting line is long and life line becomes light then enemies might harm you physically. In this case, everyone has to be alert. Do not keep trust blindly on everyone.

You have to be alert when you see these symptoms on your palm. You should spend more time with your parents. Do not hide anything about your friends with your parents. Do not waste your time. You have to inform your parents whenever you go outside.

You should wear silver or iron ring in middle finger. You can chant Argala Strot regularly. Take bark of peeple tree and tie up in any color cloth. You should wear it in your throat.

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