Treat Diseases without Medicine- Astro Upay

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Apart from serious disease, you should not take drugs (medicine) for every disease. There are some home remedies, Astro upay to treat diseases with small things. check out how to treat common disease with astro upay.

Treat Diseases without Drugs

Treat Diseases
Gas: Gas problem occur when Jupiter or Saturn is impaired. Gas creates anxiety, heart problems, lack of concentration, throat and tooth problems. In this case, you should remain calm and patient. You don’t have ego, arrogance and anxiety. You should take control on anxiety and keep patience. You can eat Harade and massage with sesame oil. You should do massage with sesame oil on that body part which gives you pain. 

However, you can do around the naval on children’s stomach. People get arrogance, anxiety, dry mouth, anger and depression when they face gas problem. They have lack of confidence and they do more imagination. They don’t tick to any work. People get quarrel with everyone. Take warm water and mix rock salt in it. Keep your legs in the water and memorize your dainty.

Bile: People take decisions without listening the matter when bile increases. There would be shortage of water in the body and dryness on skin. You might face itching problem. People get more sweat in their hair and they get abscesses. They become hyper. They don’t seat at one place and study properly. At times, they get pain under their lower back. Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are responsible for offended bile. 

In this case, you should drink plenty of water. It decreases anger and anxiety. You should eat food which is on normal temperature. Do not eat too much hot food. You should use less oily, fried and fine flour food. However, you can eat half baked vegetables.

Cough: People do more imagination when cough is offended. They always clean your throat. They don’t get enthusiasm in any work. Their negative thinking will increase. They get fatigue, headache, water in eyes, ear pain and sticky nose. This happens due to Moon and Venus. 

In this case, you can suck peeple. You can take its power along with lukewarm water. You can eat Amla. It strengthens Mercury. You should intake mixture of cinnamon and honey. You should take care of your iron in the body. You can run and smile while talking with others.

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